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What Is The Drug Detrol La Used For

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ated. His eyes retained their brilliancy, save during the existence

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present any remarkable change, save in two or three cases, where il

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about phagocytosis, so that neither chemically nor me-

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activity increases in early summer. About the latter part of August

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That it should be regarded by Senator as difficult to

what is the drug detrol la used for

food, or in the official preparations to the larger animals.

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were involved. In two cases suppuration of the glands

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liver, kidney, testis and brain of the guinea-pig and rat indicate

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petty jealousies, and bickerings. This seems to me to be the most

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law requires the fact to be clearly stated on the labels, and their use in

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meets the indications promptly as they arise, conserves his patient'^

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invagination without much difficulty, provided inflammation has not

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Lettres, attest the depth of his classic taste and readincr.

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shrunken degenerated cell of malignant tertian and the normal one of quartan.

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recent quarrel between two newspaper editors in Paris,

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1. xlscertain before operation if patient is a bleeder.

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there is reference to the " Pock," but that this refers to

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' '5. A pigmented tubercle supposed to be a specific product of bovine

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the incorporation of a variable number of persons of more or

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other conditions a voyage often does harm rather than good. Tho

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continue obstinately to prolong its existence ? There was certainly no

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the blood in the systemic veins prevents the absorption of medicines

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especially to affect the gray matter of the anterior horns and the central

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protection is not convincing enough for serious attention. Agricultural

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