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is dependent absolutely upon the persistence of a metritis

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Printed in Great Britain by Hazell Watson amp Viney Ld.

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attention to the excretory functions the ingestion of

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recollection the writers of these calendars affected

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degree previous to the completion of growth. The cases

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the world over as being capable of bringing on slow and pain

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assert what Bostock admits viz. So far as the practice of medicine

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istics. The section on physiological chemistry has been

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cum Belladonna Chamomilla Bryonia Pulsatilla Spigelia

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graphy and might not only acquaint them with many particulars ao ree

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or vessels are called styptic. They do this by caus

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them. In incipient cases percussion may be negative out of in L.

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tion the visual centres failing to control the act of converg

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constitute the reticulum of the tubercle which was first described

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for the evening and thanks for which he gave to those

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a bath of oxygen with immediate good eflfect and the patient

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of which lay in the edge of the tumour which surrounded the

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The bowels are the einunctories for such iuuutritious portions of the

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Immediately following the inoculation of the bile a marked destruction

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only appear to differ from those in the body generally by their

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only American work which deals with the cause of the disease

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should be performed here rather than through the thigh

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whatever. Well mariced endometritis fungosa with gen

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him under what conditions he can obtain diagnostic or other helps

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Presbyterian St. Luke s Medical Center in Chicago. Chairman

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time shortly after the administration of antipyrin and the same

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women is due to reflex contracture of the digestive tube

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pia is infiltrated with cells throughout the circum

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OS uteri which is said to have seriously interfered

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Dr. Eraser s diagnosis was otosclerosis with nerve deafness in addition.

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ing. Secondly when the appetite flags and flatulence oc

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they had gone from New York to Cleveland lo cull the

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limited service activities particularly if lie considered his new assignment to he

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