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gauze it warms and purifies the atmosphere without becoming clogged and
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refrac tory L. rcfractarius. Obstinate not yielding
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Anuria from Compression of the Ureters by a Uterine
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shoulder or doing some other injury to herself. I have seen a case
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There are three indications First to place the patient in surroundings most
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tificates of exemption outstanding at the close of the fiscal year was
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transplantation of the tendon of a functionally active muscle.
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public and the medical profession. If due inquiry were made in all
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animal painter had a pony which formed a violent and lasting affection
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a half after the operation he wrote to say that he was able
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trict is in charge of a medical officer of health or
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blood is really very little in amount and represents that absorbed as
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posal for an electric telegraph worked by statical electricity was made and
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superior to the faradic in spinal irritation certain
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were opposed with acrimony and ridicule in the newspa
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to so strengthen and increase the vitality of this patient that
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among those who contend that you should never use mercury.
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the vascular system. The colorless corpuscles which carry pig
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the largest school. Many applicants have said It is a small school
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practically by furnishing all that is really valuable
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only from a genuine scientific spirit. It was a great pleasure to
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addition of sulphuric acid chloride of sodium sugar etc.
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secondary and tertiary. Then after a time long courses of mercury
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