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diseases of which those hospital physicians and surgeons who seldom or

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frequently two. Sometimes you see no lining membrane some

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siders it absolutely useless in this disease since the

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the General Infirmary at Leeds England during the last fifteen

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multiplication of the bacterium in spite of the cresol.

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Their cases however were not from the region in which

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maj still increase in intensity if excitants of taste are applied

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and air passages has been confirmed by later investigators. Thus in a

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rator slime taken from one of the creameries of this region. Hogs

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by animal passage this virulence is not readily changed by further passage

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Theoretically the meatus requires enlargement when

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committee of management for the current yeiu to meet

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resorted to unsuccessfully and not till then resect the

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Illustrations. on Anatomy and Physiology. This is a new

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Germany and France furnished a majority of the cases from

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highly developed forms of this class which Dr. Carpenter has

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making the first experiment was seventeen years of age and

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already made that neuralgia of the face usually occurs on the

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acute disturbance in the health of lying in women to

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thought he had never seen out of one eye in which a

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actually regulated with exquisite exactness in such a

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feel interested in all intelligent writing upon it.

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from which harm in fact ensued. The use of the thing

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within the hernial sac a loop of strangulated small in

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infant care and identification of hospital staff and

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times also on the udder which as a rule heals without interference.

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topography include items of interest many of which are new.

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ridges. Though rarely fatal and though the severe symptoms

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life and she went to a sanitarium I believe in Lexington and remained

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but he could only say that he was in great distress and he

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fully proved. In none of the cases which I have examined has the

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from the nostrils serves to express a number of different

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