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Robert Rubin

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had learned from some other patient who might be suf

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that it is the physician s duty to coach the attorney

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In the nature of its course it resembles most clearly relapsing fever

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in essence if not in fact of an indifference to the claims

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Irwin Harold Moss University Hospital Baltimore Md.

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when no stone could be discovered either by ocular inspection manipu

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Bv the inking or the swelling in the anger of the bells

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unite and form a lid to the follicles after they are

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A notable protuberance of the eyeballs has sometimes been observed to

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alternate with it full doses of peroxide of hydrogen if possible.

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tacks around the edges although they may be sewn to

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questions on Chemistry Materia Medica and Practical

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these stitches should be inserted and tied before the plate

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this febrile reaction however seems to have remained latent

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