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Nice recommends the use of moist hot air at C. and or

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rated that bosses and nodular projections appear. In some of the cases

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and the strong indican reaction observed in the urine of our patient

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The affection which rendered an operation necessary was congenital

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puerperal phlelDitis in the veins of the lower extremity.

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whom Drs. Balmanno and Yellowlees have been Presidents of

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of the destitute there are a number of kitchens estab

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one palTet tnCendbie poUfCionis ano Ijomoc ti atcauTet t e r ro

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value of all articles so issued will be recovered from the

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that some of the stools contained considerable mucus which diminishes

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Natural Philosophy Mr. Kodwell s notes of Lectures on

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his practice. Noyes cautions against the use of too powerful

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teaspoonfuls to four ounces of stewed cranberries make

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pleuritic pain bronchitis and pneumonia good results

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excellent volume by Dr. Flint expanded into a completer work.

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testator s property. It should be signed and executed in the


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a hospital and walk out sound and able to make a living

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purgation loose lacing and sexual abstinence become important reme

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tite and a tendency to constipation. Upon the removal

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FIG.. Infantry bullet lodged between the articular processes of the

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atively small an amount is required in a great many

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decomposition of the secretion may be followed by in

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partly in sodium sulphate and partly into magnesium carbonate

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formation may be crammed in very little time and vanish in

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and opportunities are afforded you to devote your spare

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products of the electrolysis as they may be termed accumulate

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Dr. Ledingham in summing up for the thirty one years adds

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literati. His Recollections of Past Life jmbMahed in abounds

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England India and her colonies and we would suggest that at the

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in writing from dictation through the articulatory kinsesthetic centre to that

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Galen first grasped the fact that life depends upon the maintenance of

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cirrhosed may cease to excrete material which if retained in the blood

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third week with reference to the order and time of occurrence

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turbances and to malnutrition which is expressed more by ansemia

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graduated into parts and sheep calves and foals are injected subcutaneously with

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this however I will bear without repining. In a word my cure is

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sented the premonitory symptoms of areenic poiso ing.

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