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were included viz.. Leukemia of chickens Dochmiasis and Oeso

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begin in the cellular tissue covering the symphysis is

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faces with the usual solutions of bichlorid of mercury or one of the

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cisely the same picture in other respects the heart may var beating

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agree with the stomach it is far different in true gout.

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the raw surface of the cul de sac. To accomplish this the graft

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febrile effects of the inoculation. The patients have

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direct antagonism to say nothing of apathetic neutrality from the

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tissues were stimulated to produce their own protective

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cases were treated with serum the others being observed as controls.

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in apparently lifeless condition the functions seem

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followed by chronic dysentery diarrhoea emaciation ulceration

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causing congestion by mechanical means. The commonest cause of pa

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Serious disturbances might thus be caused in any or all

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cases seen during the day as far as they may require it.

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chanter nearer the symphysis pubis than the one on the uninjured

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Anatomy and Botany. J The second examination not to be taken

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learn how to properly care for their children undoubtedly

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knowledge when every one is only guessing one opinion is

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constitutes the disease termed asthma and in its turn it fre

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but in a large proportion of the cases that I have had

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temperature of the water lowered to eighty degrees or to sixty degrees

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spoonful frequently repeated from thirty minutes to an hour apart.

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chronic inflammation which had given rise to the long

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After the thirty fifth day the tumour increased sensibly towards the

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within the brief period of three and a half years. On February

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was absent the sphincters were normal and electric tests

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adjacent parts while the same parts on the sound foot are more

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of polygraphic tracings. This method does not give conclusive infor

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rent asunder or by fullness and pressure in the stomach and violent spasms

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you see in the three positions the act of a full step

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father s roof at Hyde Park and he himself remained in

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