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and other live stock afiected with this and other diseases.

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TABLE 1. — Phenolsulphonephthalein Excretion, Blood Urea and Index of

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cause, a joint loses its function and becomes stiff, it is said

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arranged, and in every case a cigarette was offered.

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plied, which should be kept on from eight to twelve

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motor power, more especially in the right side ; is inva-

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2. Sun-trauinatism. — Untler this name Manson describes a morbid

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medical and the surgical. First, of the taxis. This

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solved in a teaspoonful of warm water, and in solution and to this may be added one

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employ boiled silk-worm gut. Great care should be taken to

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management, assist nature in performing the highly important function

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v.hat cured him ? The mercury, says one })hysician, — Xne purg-

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Robert J. Sneed, 220 Seventh Avenue, West, Ashland.

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of coldness, even though the actual blood temperature is rising. It

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women who are willing to take the position. The spread of the disease

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assert that they have never seen an empyema cured by this

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which would be cut off by lig^ation is not important and would be well

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