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heart. Now, as a matter of fact, it is only in the exceptional case
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operation appears to be more strikingly developed by its long-continued use
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composition which, by virtue of its constitution is capable, when
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which I have used ever since with remarkable success,
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as strong as we find it in complete jaundice of pronounced severity.
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))erformod with extreme difficulty. At the close of
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* Bead before the New York Academy of Medicine, May 16, 1901.
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sel that brought him. A citizen of the United States having leprosy
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!S8, and the peritonitis decidedly diminished in extent. The
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prognosis is not nearly so unfavourable as in the adult. Though
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region. The upper portion of the vagina was distended
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wards the skin, whose margins are at the same time being drawn in-
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6 of the sixth " (" Observations on the Diseases of the Rec-
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