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enough to make its voice heard in the councils of the nation
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while wearing the bandage on the slightest change either in habit or
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from which the outflow of secretion is hindered. The secreting parenchyma
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portant significance tlian would at first appear. The
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juries the sources of trouble were first from shock and
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Xeo salvarsan is so much easier to use and so much more frequently
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from being imprisoned between other cells. Moreover
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accumulation of sugar in the blood and in the urine in diabetes mellitus.
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true deodorant is one which destroys offensive odors
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ments when thoroughly carried out after a few years
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preceded or interrupted by thermo augmentor effects.
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Slow Sand Filters. Slow sand filters also called English filter
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To Rotch should be given the credit for perfecting a system of
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and not substitutes for the special senses and should
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upon the evening primrose CEnoihera lamarcTcimia convinced him that
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of the spinal system as in all experiments limited in themselves
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tion of Typhoid Fever. in our issue of January page
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rectum and bladder but he was inclined to think that it was more
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lizes the same material and the same chemical substances as are
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rapidity the alcohol is carried almost immediately into the lung s
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occurring in adults there has been considerable shorten
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hemorrhage blindness oedema of the lungs and dropsy
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dried they are ready for sterilization. When soiled
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tion. Ke lately put back a bowel matted with adhesions
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Morris states that tliere is ample evidence that dur

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