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been and was still existing a peritonitis with a great

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surface earth from a decidedly malarious drying prairie bog which was

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walking are not in all cases needed to cause exacerbation of the lumbar

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President elect Gordon K. MacLeod MD chairing the Rules and Order of Business

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Certain sources of error in the recognition of ascites are to be noted.

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mals die. The division of the nuclear materials into multiple small

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ceeded in causing an obstruction to the venous return

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Harrigan reported this case which occurred in a woman

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work formed and left a clear fluid containing a great

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obscure topic I wall endeavour to summarise what appears

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broken caused from the defendant physician s treatment.

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to the operations necessary for their cure. In due time

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operation consists in comijlete an V.sthesia and in

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some nerve centers for the heart and lungs showing that the theory of

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the kidney proved to be a unilocular echinococcus cyst.

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without noticeable increase in size reaching the uterine

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is removed to one of the hospitals on Gallop s Island

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sinus double antral pus from Left posterior ethmoidal

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pared to appoint a Committee fully to consider and suggest

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continual changing of towels and so offensive as to become intolerable.

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Costa who advised the continuation of the acid care

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tics out of them and I expect I will be dead before

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for in only three ways He gradually developed here from a lower

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children s diseases at Charit and still maintains his posi

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Tuberculosis of the tubes in women is a not infrequent condition and

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Whenever they occur they almost without exception attack both

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was no objective diminution of sensation. Numbness

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patient of strong currents and long daily applications. The

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cerning the chemical composition of the substances that play the chief

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loss of savoir jaire. An old passenger ship captain

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