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Belf in favour of the re-appointment of the Commission to
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tion between the urethra and the abscess, or between the
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at the same time dilating the os by the fingers of the other
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seen in unilateral cases when the urine is normal as regards the amount of
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in Africa during the expedition, standing with crossed
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the fifth day after the tapping, I found the temperature had
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book of the ninth cliapt<-r of Pliny, lead us to believe
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quotation from this mass of evidence : " When more than the
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tions. It was to be expected that the Jenks prize essay com-
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ing. Whilst on the free surface three to five layers of cells of
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»U diseases, — should make out a written schedule,
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obliged to keep his b^, his limbs would not carry him, but he was not para-
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sibly the findings of Bartel in the lymphatic state could be explained in
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When writing- advertisers please mention the Journal.
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trasting them with others we have recently been favoured with,
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heredity has much to do with it. Going barefoot maybe of benefit by overcoming
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forcing its way through the healthy skin (Sanchez Toledo,
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malaria we can understand the variety in the mortality of the various
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swellings, small angular spaces are observed, in which formative cells lie,
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there had been wounds of the tongue which did not heal,
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ol'tlie right jUeuni was linind to contain about half a pint of
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with any pretention to justice or truth, for her followers, the appellation

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