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allow exit to deep discharges. This is done by drains, or by constant
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to the milk before pasteurization, boiling, or sterilization. When the
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septic puerperal diseases is limited to two cases, both of
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The following diagrams are intended to illustrate the pro-
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A. Heiger, M.D., 420 S. Main St., Cheshire, CT 06410, (203)
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abusing physicians frequently prescribe inappropriately, they
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beeofse better and more favorably known — its friends and patrons
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to demolish all speculation ; he is the great theory-annihilator. Where is the grape-man, too, who
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any doctrine broached by him must be rejected with extreme re-
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d From Annales du Bureau Central M6t6orologique de France, 1899-1905.
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B. Bacteriologischcs von Dr. J.anicke. Fortschr. d. Med.,
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tension after the injection of the serum he would meet with some
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preach to us this new gospel of scientific research. Every-
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ciety each in turn in his own lecture-hall, and will under-
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considerable indigo blue. Since this observation, which
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adherent that this douching does not dislodge them,
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us to infer so close a similitude as to almost argue a connexion
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the result of direct extension of the hepatic abscess through the diaphragm
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cachexia is often absent. The distinction between juxtapyloric
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li of ulcerating carcinomata of any part of the body lead to fatty
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succeeds when everything else fails. It should also
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normal hydrate (NaOH) solution; a precipitate occurs. Then continue to add
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struction of respiration was due to an affection of the larynx. My col-
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previous reasoning upon the identity of rheumatic and choreic
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administere<l, but how they shall be given. Many practitioners prefer
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to the cutaneous eruption, the appearance of the efflorescence on the body
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ft ttrr-aic/s />, t* S<i*o£ /''/ft s / f y // /f?f^i/, S*t
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I have already tried to call attention to the remark-
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orpininnis. l<'or tho past throo years iio has boon losliiif^ this
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decline and fall. Agniveca may have been the flower

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