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approach exceed the benefits. When one considers that

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commonly confined to the lower thorax, especially over the lateral

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Direct traction may be used for all dislocations of the

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tion of pressure, than actual pain, "but the whole hiliary system is much

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impression of being mentally and physically tired. Should be seen again

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Barbagallo e Casagrandi (1897). Ann. d. Igiene Sper.

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High Temperature: With Suggestions as to Its Employment In

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powder, which contains three grains of acetanilid, two

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A portrait of the late Dr. William Pepper has been pre-

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weight given to that symptom. Besides this, Parry gives five

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Post mortem the lung is usually found in this situation

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as such, or in combination with glucose as cane sugar. Any adminis-

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marked hemorrhagic character, giving rise to the formation of ecchy-

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The Bordeaux mixture is a good fungicide, but is less useful as an

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an appendix containing laws of New York of interest to

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Helena, and William N. Yates, Fayetteville, vice-presidents;

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introduced to Haydon the painter, and becomes the intimate of

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paralysis), with a coincident disturbance of the general interchange of

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instruments other than needles, such as saw blades, scalpels,

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constant symptoms as tne morbid excitement of the sensoiy qoinal

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