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within the past 5 years. She had, as a girl and younger woman, used

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origin, the blood which comes to the left heart passes directly through

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sponding halves of the two eyes. Sir John Herschel, indeed, has stated that

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Management: Management of acute intoxication with sym-

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ascites and also without, and in the latter variety plaque-like thickening of

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of connective tissue, closely united to the same tissue of the lung. In

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the University of Salamanca. After being engaged for

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impart his knowledge to others. To pass through these degrees required

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carefully borne in mind : it is a standing rule to examine

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that, just before the end of the forty years allowed by law,

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opium, and antimony, and the free use of colchicum,

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think, been manifested daring the present ; from scarlet fever two years and a half

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small indeed, and so the legislature in 1899 doubled the ajppropriation,

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the details of the work, and very much harder would it be to prove

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