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vary perceptibly from the bile ordinarily found in the cadaver.

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digestive disturbances resembling those of gastritis occur in a

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through some favorable influence which they may have on the diges

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tient less fit for cesarean section in case the oper

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mentioned since their death. Let us remember that the discovery

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of members of the Profession the greater proportion

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shall they distinguisli between the significance of the

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ease together with the sudden hepatic atrophy make the diag

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are kept for some time should one or more of them be sick

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prophesy evil fatty hearts atheromatous deposits In the arteries degeneration

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half an inch and with an assistant to steady the jitnis

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weak kidneys and the probability of subsequent Bright s

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neighborhood that the epidemic first prevailed among the resident

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of nitrate of urea. The temperature on these days only

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may be traced to infected milk. A specific germ has not yet

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important details of examination diagnosis and treat

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should be met promptly and if anything occurs accom

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With the period ending May patients were evacuated by

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tain the virus but especially during the febrile attack and as

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greater quantity it would be attended by pulsation of the

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tissue to which the tubercle bacillus has found its way and the presence

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