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junction with other te. lt ts as aids to diagnosis. In

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be closed covered with a graduated compress and flrmly secured with a

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erally fail to afford secure ground for diagnosis. The domi

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blood pressure also further dilates the infundibulum.

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eight minutes. There was abundance of time through the slow

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The coagulation time was estimated after the method of Howell. The blood

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cubic centimetres yielded a filmy pellicle. The sec

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cervix was dilated until it admitted my whole hand

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ally. In the first place as much morphia is given as

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grains. If the wound is much larger than the bullet it

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trine that traumatism was at the foundation of a large

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endowed with a mind that instinctively seeks the true origin

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foreign population relatively more of Europe s illiterate and

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here. All our cattle treated with intravenous injections of tubercle

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and maternal manikins are extremely useful for elucidating and supple

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could be detected. The tongue was tremulous flabby

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will generally avail at remoter intervals than during the previous course.

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jected on account of tlie weak state of his pulse. I pro

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Gentlemen I told you that under certain circumstances sugar

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attend Professors in the University or other qualified teachers.

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doubtless familiar I will briefly call attention to

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guished from true Asiatic cholera. The latter is a very fatal con

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watched by a competent surgeon. The chapter on mastoiditis is a suc

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son of the Mother Church to disbelieve in it was like denying

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this latter hj pothesis of a latent miliaria which has of course

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same way in all of the less beautiful phases of life.

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