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influence the public mind with regard to it. The amount of good

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treatment is over it is very desirable for the patient

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quantity of sputum failed to accomplish the purpose owing to the

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question and one which will very naturally be asked. Ordinary

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passive congestion cirrhosis cholangitis etc. All of the foregoing leads

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no evidence that arsenical irrcparations prevented re

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ment as yet undetermined must also be taken into account in

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dizing the urine by means of hypochlorite and then shaking out with

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There are not many accidents to either the patients

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pfressly states that he made no examination with the ophthalmoscope so

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shows great diversity of opinion as to the causation of

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should be exercised in regard to returning to ordinary

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found associated arteriosclerosis. The treatment of prostatic

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creased lateral mobility of the knee in a direction

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standing but there it is merely of the nature of a superadded secondary

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Broccoli Anthony Carmino A.B. Providence College Rhode Island

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sickness or mortality beyond what is allowable from

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dominal viscera and the digested state of the stomach be shown

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regarding an elaborate thesis on adenia or pseudo leukae

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progress that medical science has made during the past

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Cavities and Pelvic Drainage by Greo. H. Bixby in Bodon

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