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sent the dry ap earance of atrophy although there is insufficient

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Dr. Vaclav Podstata superintendent of the Cook county

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spinal palsy are the symptoms of the disease in its full development yet

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present in acute fatty degeneration and atrophy of the liver and

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In the matter of diagnosis I have very little to say.

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that the muscles of the chest may be tightly braced and

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al cessation through involution as manifested by t y

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else will that aching or depressing pain which is characteristic

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was well poulticed and on April th the woman was so far

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cavities of the heart itself to which all the coronary vessels

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the third system of sutures is superfluous. The capsule

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of the obscurity of the SJ mptoms at the outset. The in

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The subarachnoid space which lies between the pia and arachnoid contains

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theless is extremely pathogenic and fatal to man. It may

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valvular disease on the right side but is a result of increased resistance

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form of counter irritant hav e been used to the temples behind the

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mia is conditionated by paralysis of the vaso motor nerves

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change wish to retain veterinarians in an advisory capacity but they

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paracentesis of the chest. They begin by laying down the principle

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following physiological reflexes are of clinical importance

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and reddish or greenish yellow color. On close inspection this is seen to

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stone or stones being engaged in the cystic duct. Pain

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that was being infused into the Institution would not

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cases which assume a nervous form towards their termination. But in all such

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