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cating the youth of the country and the community at

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plex memory pictures.seem to be more hazy. There is slowing of the

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longissimus dorsi takes place. The depression on one side

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be entitled to all privileges and immunities of citi

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ever we usually group these two aspects of the organism s life

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that of the mare under such an operation were simply reversed

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ing armotir plates more invulnerable than their predecessors.

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of which the embryoes are matured. When the insect dies

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the patient a boy of instead of coming from healthy ancestors

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ture delivered at the Medico Chirurgical College. By L. Web

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cal treatment. Of course there is an earlier period

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liberal and enlightened a spirit and above all such truly philosophical habits of

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lines which time and experience clearly indicate as the most advantageous.

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mother s body and their appearance in the milk. In the mean

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on the same lines as its predecessors. There are two

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toast but fats should be taken very sparingly. No fruits

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