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cases and of gathered from literature concludes that there can be

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marked zone of inflammator reaction. In the floor of the

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largely robbed of its terrors and though rampant is curable the

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arises not from any change in the tubercle itself but rather

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nettles urtica being the Latin for nettle. You find it spoken of

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and no medical officer honestly performs his duty unless he

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Supposing it to be decided to destroy a cancerous tumour by

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having recovered it must be admitted as an.a sthcsia

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asmic or inflamed condition of the liver passes away and the restora

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borhood exhausted when a veterinary surgeon is called only

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water injection had best be used just before going to stool so that

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strongly emphasized the more frequent occurrence of erysipelas

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Program is acceptable for. prescribed hours by the American

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tumors generally varymg from ten to twenty but it is

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may be indicated by the conditions present. The expulsion

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stated that the Indians of the Willamette Valley fre

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good. If signs of mixed infection appear the vesicle should

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individual power may be increased. It is a very im

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physicians in this city regarding the work done and

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and years the second and third sisters having the dis

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tal and teaching work the occasion has been thought appro

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answering in the affirmative he at once said Then here

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its work would be of even greater importance and respon

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safe oxytocic. This is my excuse for calling atten

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swallowing and the diagnosis was uncertain an operation was performed

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passage may in some degree take place. Of the three possibilities

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a bad attack of gonorrhoea. Nine weeks ago first fell sick.

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tetanus or supervened during the excessive erethism of the nervous

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could feel the outline of the kidneys even under the

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thus simulating the condition for chronic gastrosuccorrhea.

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secretion of urine. All of the ten patients in whom

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and enjoyed. It was cautiously increased and on the

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Uterus In cases the endometrium was normal. The inflammiatory conditions

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some cases with quinin grains three times daily. Dr.

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points can be made out. A short prepharynx or prepharyngeal

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toneal tissue is flooded with the solution. Diffusion of

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