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Robert Rubin

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tory of an acute illness with a sudden onset the symptoms pointing to

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sufficient juice has been secreted to neutralize the

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in the skin which soon becomes vesicular and then pustular

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The seven cases of lateral wounds were One case of lateral

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ous of the affected ganglion cells of the retina and of

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tion the visual centres failing to control the act of converg

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is experienced in some particular spot fever or alternate chilliness and

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later instruct Arthur Donaldson Smith. And enroute to

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In spite however of these advantages which the thallin

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was the cause of at least half of the reported cases.

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Surgeon vice Joseph A. Fit.patrick apxiointed to st Fout dated

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spoken inadvertently I wish to call his attention to the

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this inflammation. We consider this the principal type of this class and

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ordered the quinine as before and in a month he was quite

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Dr. Braden Kyle reported the removal of an artificial den

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are not present consists in the aggravation of the above symptoma at

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