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examination. The place of ligature presented a some
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none of these four did the date of the highest pulse cor
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of lead poisoning are reported in the following oc
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In presenting the results which follow we shall discuss first the action of
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periods of time are most suggestive of tuberculous lymphomas
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cases of resection of the stomach for carcinoma. Yale
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scribed by Ariza Tobold Mackenzie and Schnitzler and have since
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stored. The restoration of health implies the elimination of the poison
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to the medical profession as worthy of a trial. I con
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may attain considerable dimensions reaching in some cases as far
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Carmichael. The parts in the region of the intended
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physiological experiment and the Author s o n experiments
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rest for wounds as for all other injuries. These three ob
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epidemics of enteric origin. The authors add but little
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cercus cellulosse is said to have caused death. As I
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It was attempted to obtain a list from the Surgeon General s
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doubt as to whether there was really an obstruction or ad
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spleen. Hemorrhagic infarcts are occasionally presented by this organ.
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three divisions the Noble Jennings and Hendricks divisions which
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and well the whole of the two intervening days. A young lady going
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ever practically all references have been omitted and the
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it also has a right to expect that one of the repre
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with the cotton so as to detach the false membranes
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of obtaining blood reaction with cultures of the mi
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rigors. The best observers have advised ue to look out for
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seventeenth century or from the close of the Thirty
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Tumors of the pancreas are also a relatively frequent cause of
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the tympanum and this therapeutical use of the artificial membrane has
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lent in our city and in their cases the malady was
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The year which has closed so many brilliant careers
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rule for patients weighing one hundred and fifty pounds
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considers the person who is liable to the fine is not he who
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represented in Plate of i Ir. Wilson s work betore quoted as
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is hot the patient feels great uneasiness when he attempts

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