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are the forearm, the legs, and the inner surface of the thighs. The purpuric

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operations prove. Streptococci are rare, but have been found in the

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Lectures on the Surgical Disorders of the Urinary Organs; By

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soreness for a couple of days after the first injection, bat

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quite distinct from and altogether unlike the ways of communi-

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most of the periods of the disease. These are most common in the earlier

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much faded, the term buff was correctly applied to it.

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called by Robin merismopcedia ventriculi. The sarcinoe are distinguished

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pain is slight or wanting, but there is a sense of fulness and uneasiness in the

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true, for instance, of all sudden cerebral lesions ; in these the immediate

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ependymal cells which line the choroid plexus, the function of which

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Although the sjjasmodic movements are usually the first phenomena

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The Outdoor Department, the Cawthra Mulock Building, pro-

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air cells of the lungs, that the partially dissected carcass had to

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media will not reveal the nature of the infection, and even if

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