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tion of subsequent compensation curves of the spine

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thoroughly recommend this book to surgeons and general practi

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just lielow tlic ni ple. A man nitasuring less than

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high capped with a funnel shaped basin twelve inches in

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the internal face of the left principal lobe and empty into a small

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The effect of alcoholic beverages depends chiefly upon the amount

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and suggested the text book description of a hydatid cyst. Thinking

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to say aloud in English God have mercy on our Founders souls

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freshly measured biles and decreases rapidly on standing. In the

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The Abuse of Intra nasal Treatment. In the Interna

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glass of lime water or thick soap suds. Follow by administer

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nations proposed and I shall therefore use it. Tshall not

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and the tubes again placed in the thermostat and left for two hours.

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tient for though the vital force of the child is strong

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Elting. After reviewing the many cases reported in the literature

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seen at least twenty five cases some of which were more marked than

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had typhoid fever who never drank the milk of the implicated milkman. I

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front of him he again congratulated himself that he

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can be e lt ts dy placed in the normal position. When

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Among the most important Medical events since my last

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verely from headache and had occasional hemorrhages

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source of them which must be sought in the chylus and the

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bed and occasionally moaned. The prostration was to that

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