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mental reduction. In its higher forms it is a distinct
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safest and pleasantest anesthesia for all parties concerned.
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these cavities in the tumour but they soon all unite to form
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assured of the great utility of their studies but they
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Pulsus paradoxus and pulsation of the veins have been
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tration of uranium salts. In my first series of experiments on guinea
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case of hydrophobia. At the time I made the remarks
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scrofulous condition in which the l gt ody is affected
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of administration. A dose should be injected into the muscular tissues of
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were suggested by the writer in the medical college
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the thirst after lucre have subverted sensibilities which are ordinarily held
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lesions in certain cases does not prove that they might not have
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an increased reaction of the sensory nerves to electric stimali. TheiulB
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bowel first by manipulation and that failing either by
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and in that very tub swet for the French disease. As
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course of treatment must be rigid and persistent to in
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scribed by Virchow. In bronchiectasis the mucous membrane
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be removed. Such affections had been associated with the
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of the Association would at each annual meeting place his
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you but an imperfect rdsum to date of the proceedings of
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Paris several years ago I learned to percuss the heart
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eases has procured for the use of its branches the American Social
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struction and third the neutralizing or an antitoxic
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per cent. This is then titrated with Fehling s solution in the usual
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palpable on either side. On the inner surface of the right labium
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should not be used when taken from water which upon bacteriological
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hardly stain at all as if degenerating. Some too are irregular in
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the day and got an attack of dyspepsia. To say that the

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