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ion for observation during a time equal to the period

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more recent important investigators of this problem we may

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A tour of medical installations on the Continent was made by the senior

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These statutes are not exactly identical in any two of the States

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non Harcourt inhaler he had found p. c. effective on

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the malady and many minds were eagerly ready to accord

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armed men and some donkeys I had been furnished with a

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place it is a therapeutic procedure and the analysis gener

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tional state signalized by polyuria wasting and other symptoms of diabetes

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heard with difficulty being overlaid by inflated lung. In instances with

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the whole appeared less affected than that of the left.

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I have seen several other cases of growths about the orbit and

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tained no sugar but his actual resistance to infection

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by subcutaneous or intramuscular inoculation of pus or necrotic pieces of tissue

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School with children of the lower type of English speaking people

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point which was so severe as to require the use of chloro

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such circumstances as to lead you to believe that the

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ging across the sky and away from the influence of the sounds and

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we requested her but still the spasmodic action continued. She

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age to Spain. While there he was attacked with neural

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to threaten immediate defti udlion but the moment they ftand ftill all the

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Dermoid Cyst Complicating Pregnancy Removed Through the Vagina.

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confined to the so called upper nerve segment and to

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tice and those in public hospitals. No details of a

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out of necessarily late or at least well advanced changes.

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Dr. Jones has succeeded in preserving the entire bodies

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some parts of the present work but it appears to arise from a

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fective in some respects has nevertheless convinced

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that they had never been ill until they had married

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This valuable publication opens the third year of its

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cyst. It is a well recognized fact that tumors in the

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surface and all derived at the same time from tuberculous poul

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faction that their first London meeting has left little to be

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of vital activity towards internal organs otherwise the most energetic

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