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appreciate the capable way in which Dr. Gemmell has per

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making scheme for some people. They buy hundreds of gal

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lar it may lead him to mistake a pathological tint for the

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The third possibility that some specific hormone may exist in the

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pot at Naini Tal on Dr. J. Andrew Turner health officer

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Complement Fixation Reaction in the Diagnosis of Contagious Abortion calorad

begin with larger doses. Digitalis may finally produce

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The microscopical demonstration of the parasites may be successful even in

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degrees of severity in the disease or it varies in its pecu

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A certain slight overflow of education into the opposite hemi

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might have been exceptional ones all were not at all agreed

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by the vomiting after the dose of morphine no longer troubled her.

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of this special sense organ is surrounded on all sides by a

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larger proportion of fresh vegetables and fruits and less meat.

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for twenty to forty seconds and then washing freely in water.

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Another paper that was very thoroughly discussed was

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is by the exposure of the feet and legs to the light

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Tlie method of the researches which have led Dr. Bolton to his

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lieving that it attacks especially to or is multiplied in the

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Mix. Administer a tablespoon ful every three hours. Stop the

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and thirdly the state of cachexia with straw colored complexion

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of marasmus exhibit marked atrophic changes of the thymus gland.

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the left ventricle. True in the latter the patients generally grow blue

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bent forward to meet the glass are seized with rhythmic oscillations as the

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he discussed sagaciously. Of course he gave directions for

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the retiring president introduced his successor Dr.

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the lungs and hence the associated base generally sodium or potassium

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larly and in a short time left perfectly recovered.

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which when well calcin d and frefli have a pungent taft befides fome

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mto each fluidounces. grammes of milk insert the perfo

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Mode op Action of Chemical and other Agents. Much remains to be learnt

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thus cause a retention cyst. The uterine end of the cvst

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teenth day for fear of striking in again the pox to the

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the affection is at times partial at others it extends over the whole

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from having had no effect it suddenly manifested itself

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for the treatment of cases of Fibroid Tumors and other intract

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tween the contact and the sinoauricular node is then measured and from

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