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Out Patients with Diseases of the Ear are seen by Mr. Clutton
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cluding the air from the wound during the process of granu
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hold should be taken to prevent the forceps from tearing out
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for the immediate union of wounds is obviously adaptation of the cut
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gether with contraction of the fields of vision. Other
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readily and safely diagnosed. He strongly objected to
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bated. The lump termed a Might nurse consisting of a water bath
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M the rectum. Simple inflammatory ulcers also called catarrhal have
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that internal lesions were commonly found in cattle.
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interferes seriously both with the performance and with the success of
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stomach. In the second the cause was probably irritation
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cannot be efteemed an effort of nature to diflodge any offenfive
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the grave nature of the lesion and of the necessity
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tunities for employing the heroic measures suggested under
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glish physician and corresponding member of the Ameri
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one from cedema of the lungs the obstruction being only
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danger of irritating wens either of an irritable nature or oc
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fluB der Konzentration an der unverletzten Oberflache.
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Costa who advised the continuation of the acid care
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monias aromaticus f creasote and other reputed antispasmodics
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been the last to attempt to disturb the existing order of
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Cultural and Biologic Properties. The Streptococcus equi grows in
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create a product. Whether the AAP can position itself
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cess. This you can do by introducing or making the pa
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tured vesicle till the whole process of conception is consummated in the ovary.
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the incarceration of the intestine renders the stallion legally un
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and to these places patients from other clinics could
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