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of mice to the inoculation of cancer would not have
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naeal abscess months which burst leaving urinary fistula. On admission
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House of Delegates bringing the first day on the Satur
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usually due to rickets. The condition may also be seen in robust
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out. The present volume contains chapters on Afifections
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reviewed indicate that at some future time we may find unportan
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on the heads of the soldiers of Abrahah s army the stones
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other remedy will effect the same purpose. Calomel in large
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dates many persons are found to make constant use of a
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ple that there was no danger of contracting pellagra.
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tl regret very much not to find anything more regarding
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attended by more marked dyspeptic symptoms and by evidences of portal
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affected lung causing acute dilatation of the right
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latent sources to be awakened and the disease dissemi
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back. Consideral le diminution of renal secretion anuria thick and
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The bowels are the einunctories for such iuuutritious portions of the
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of local EU adization of the laiyngeal muscles the treatment imdoubtedly
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The Indians wove beautiful blankets on a very crude
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ment with the master of the ship and not the company.
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degenerations. In vaccine lesions he had foimd that they
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Predisposing Factors. Apparently the type of the disease varies in
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of per cent out of alive and well more than live years after
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The development and proliferation of epithelium and
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dilatation should be treated as outlined under that subject.
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the disease. In during an epidemic attack at Agra I visited the
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tho not to mention that Monardes fays tis brought from New Spain
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edition revised and enlarged.. Philadelphia Lindsay amp Blak
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carditis and pericarditis and many of arthritis have
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strictly adhered to in the reviewer s own knowledge and it
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slightest body movement was used to study fifty eight
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ing the mouth to a tube connected with a close vessel con
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The Wew Digestive is a combination of the whole of the Digestive
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infective myelitis of the same region. According to whether the physiological
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With professional help the following courses were arranged
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It is quite clear that an arrest in the development of the
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so lasting. In other instances the disease has been accom
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pachymeningitis is not very uncommon. There are opacity and thickening of

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