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seems to be reinfected the frontal sinus may be the seat of infection.

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paroxysms of gout in the feet but it is enough to know that

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morphinism it shall be my object to deal with the practical every day

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Paracelsus s writings know that this Turkish question

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greatest mortality and give names of principal dis

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potassium iodide. In the infant the elimination lasted

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difficulty in passing urine three or four spoonsful of

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and the urine has regained its normal tint the skin remains jaundiced

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Herxheimer contend that the changes in the islands of Langerhans

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with very frrcat difficulty. Apparently she aborted once or twice

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members by the application of plaster of Paris dress

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inserted from the side opposite to the patient thus

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New York made a report on the use of the Laryngoscope and

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makes swallowing very diflicult and aggravates the sufferings of the

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is hereditary I would strongly recommend the insertion of issues

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Tahle of Fees for Attendance upon the Medical and Surgi

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membered by the general practitioner. He advised an in

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but one more nearly related to the flagellates. As to leucocytosis.

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stained for twelve hours in a one in ten to fifteen dilution

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he had only performed a qualitative analysis and had certainly found

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Diarrhcea came on with much irritation frequent micturition

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fluid vomited if unmixed with ingesta is clear and watery often in

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and hearsay evidence which itis not always safe to accept without

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tion at the surface of a healthy or diseased organ.

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