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ever the dependency solely upon cicatricial tissue is a very
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Fowke General Secretary and Manager at the Journal Ofhce
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After remaining three months in Dr. Pidoux s wards he felt able
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conceive that the brain assailed by a crowd of impressions from with
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has succeeded in getting a series of photographs. The length of
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ILLUSTRATIONS Illustrations tables etc. should bear
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Dilatation of the colon is characterized by great abdominal distention
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puscular and nuclear elements of lymph or blood clot and perhaps
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treatment. The expectoration is exceedingly copious and fetid and the sputa
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purge should follow and the segments of the worm must
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defectiveness and shall recommend to such parents or
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lighter greenish or yellowish. Antennae reddish yellow brown the last
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the neurotic muscular atrophy is optic atrophy and he reports a case of
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and in this respect in marked contrast to the other
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secutive to a Double Hypogastric Cystotomy Operation
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eased and has recovered may be afterwards inoculated to any
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decision of the patient after stating the case clearly
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and by Schittenhelm and Weichardt enteritis anaphylactica. Another
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the next few hours such work as they have been doing. I think
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excites the contractility accelerates for a time the motion of
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more so because as a rule this condition is lasting. We are in
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ance may be observed. The patient is apathetic and oscilla
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arrangement with Postgraduate Division and Postgraduate

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